About Us

    // OUR MANTRA:

Let's be honest, making over your closet has been looong anticipated. You've been craving something different for a while now. We know, because so have we. For too long we've been walking around like we're satisfied, when really it's just felt like we've been wearing the same 4 shirts or pair of leggings for the past year.

It's time to get on point and show our inner basic. No more getting lost in the crowd where your identity is hidden under boring and humorless apparel. We refuse to having only two options when getting dressed: going to a red carpet event or lazy bum who's netflix'd way too hard over the weekend. It's time to slay the wardrobe game. 

At So Basic Apparel, we want it all and refuse to apologize for our taste. We want to lounge in leggings that can be worn outside of the gym, wear our humor on sleeves, and rock casual wear like it has never been rocked before. All apparel should be perfect for dancing, wine-ing (more like winning), brunching, sleeping and laughing so hard that we collapse on the floor. 


What We sell:

Style, Humor, and a hell of a lot of fun.